Cross Country Motor Club, Inc. (Home Office)
400 River's Edge Drive
Medford, MA 02155

Cross Country Motor Club of California, Inc.
275 East Hillcrest Drive, Suite 165
Thousand Oaks, California 91360

National Toll-Free Number (for both offices):
1-800-747-2128 (TDD)

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Please direct all communications, inquiries and claims to the Massachusetts office.

This Plan is a program of, and all services are provided by and/or through, Cross Country Motor Club, Inc., except in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Wisconsin and Wyoming where services are provided by and/or through Cross Country Motor Club of California, Inc.

Dear Member:

Welcome to your membership in Drivers' Assist℠. This motor club program is offered to you by Cross Country Motor Club in connection with your purchase of the SoSecure Premium plan on the SoSecure app (the "Mobile App"). In operation since 1972, Cross Country is one of the largest providers of emergency roadside programs in North America. As a member, you receive emergency roadside and towing coverage for your passenger vehicles for your travel needs.
Thank you for joining us.


Frank Klemovitch
Director of Extended Benefits and Services
Cross Country Motor Club, Inc.
Cross Country Motor Club of California, Inc. 

Round-the-Clock Assistance
Simply initiate a request via the Mobile App - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. (For the hearing impaired - TDD 1-800-747-2128.)

What is covered?
Coverage is provided for road service disablements. You are covered for flat tires, dead batteries, running out of gas, or lockouts through Cross Country Motor Club, up to a maximum of $100 per event, with the frequency limits set forth in Section 8 of the Membership Guidelines below. Coverage includes:

Tow Services and Other Service Requests
If the auto service provider cannot fix the problem on the spot, we will arrange for your vehicle to be towed to the nearest authorized retailer or to the repair facility of your choice up to 10 miles. You are covered in full for the service when you contact us through the Mobile App. You are covered up to the frequency limits set forth in Section 8 of the Membership Guidelines below.

What information will be required?
When requesting service through the Mobile App, please be prepared to provide the customer service representative with the following information:

Membership Guidelines
Important information. Please read thoroughly.

As a member of Drivers' Assist, you are entitled to certain services and benefits which are set forth in their entirety in this guide, subject to the guidelines and limitations of this "Membership Guidelines" section.

The following provisions apply to your membership:

  1. Whenever we refer to "we," "us," "our" and "CCMC" we refer to Cross Country Motor Club, Inc. or Cross Country Motor Club of California, Inc.
  2. Your membership is included on a complimentary basis within the SoSecure Premium plan without additional cost. You will not be required to pay any additional sum for the services that are specified under the terms of the motor club membership guidelines (up to the coverage limits set forth herein). Restrictions are noted. In the event the cost for the service exceeds coverage limits, you will be required to pay the additional service charges at the time service is rendered. Additional charges are not reimbursable.
  3. Your membership begins when you subscribe to the SoSecure Premium plan through an app store and will continue for the period of the SoSecure Premium plan selected (1 month or 12 months plans), including any renewal period that you have with the SoSecure program. While you may cancel your complimentary membership in the motor club at any time, you will not receive a refund for the motor club component of your SoSecure Premium plan.
  4. You may cancel your motor club coverage at any time by providing written notice to CCMC. This will not cancel the other parts of your SoSecure Premium subscription.
  5. In the event of fraud, CCMC reserves the right to cancel your membership upon ten days written notice to you, effective at the end of the month.
  6. Services and benefits are available in the 50 states of the United States of America and the District of Columbia (but excluding its territories and possessions).
  7. Roadside assistance, towing and lockout services and benefits are rendered as "emergency services" and are available only when the vehicle(s) covered is unable to proceed safely under its own power, either on the member's premises (garage or driveway) or any normally traveled, paved public street, highway or parking area.
  8. Frequency Limits - Service will only be provided for one disablement for the same cause during any consecutive 7-day period. Only one tow or other service per disablement will be provided. Services are for emergencies only and not intended to be a general repair service or used as a substitute for regular/routine maintenance.
  9. Service Limitations - Service will be provided during your subscription term for up to four (4) disablement events during the twelve (12) month period from the start of your membership. Services are for emergencies only and not intended to be a general repair service or used as a substitute for regular/routine maintenance.
  10. If more than the above number of service incidents occur during a membership term, we will continue to provide the benefits of dispatched service to your disabled vehicle, however, any resulting service charges must be paid by you, the member, at the time service is rendered and these charges are not reimbursable. Winching benefits are limited to within ten (10) feet off the side of a normally traveled paved public street, highway, or parking area.
  11. Please make sure to remove all personal items of value from your vehicle prior to any tows or overnight storage. The service providers and service facilities used by Drivers' Assist are independent contractors and are not the agents or employees of CCMC. Claims for damage to the property or injury to person(s) must be filed against the service provider or facility.
  12. Theft reward (for residents of Arkansas, Montana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin): you, your relatives, or law enforcement officials cannot receive the reward. The actual amount of the reward and person or persons entitled thereto shall be solely as determined in the judgment of CCMC.

Type of Vehicles Covered:
Your membership was designed with your passenger car or light truck in mind. CCMC offers full Emergency Road Service, Emergency Towing and Wrecker Service, and Emergency Lockout Service for (i) self-propelled, four-wheel vehicles designed, licensed, and used for private on-road transportation and (ii) trucks designed, licensed and used for on-road transportation, with a carrying capacity of up to 2,000 pounds, subject to the exclusions described in these membership guidelines.

Reimbursement In Certain Circumstances:
When, because of unusual circumstances, you utilize the option of obtaining emergency services through your own service provider (a service provider is defined as an established commercial garage, service station or other repair facility), you must first call CCMC and receive an authorization number. For reimbursement (up to $100 per occurrence) send us your original (not a photocopy) pre-printed itemized receipt (including name, address, and telephone number of the service provider), your authorization number, your name, address, and a description detailing the emergency services provided and amount of the service charges.

For reimbursement claims: All claims must be mailed to Drivers' Assist Plan, Claims Department, P.O. Box 9145, Medford, MA 02155 within thirty (30) days of the disablement or occurrence, accompanied by the bill and verification records requested previously. Claims received after that time period may not be honored and are subject to the full discretion of CCMC. Private citizen's assistance is not reimbursable.

Non-Covered Items:

  1. All parts, labor, and supplies provided while at an auto repair shop or service station or towing to another location from the original location to accommodate the driver.
  2. Service for taxicabs, tractors, boats, rental vehicles, commercial vehicles, dune buggies, ATVs, RVs, trucks or vehicles used for competition, stolen vehicles, unlicensed vehicles, illegally parked or impounded vehicles, or any vehicles in tow.
  3. Any and all fines or ambulance charges.
  4. Rental of towing equipment.
  5. Towing at the direction of a law enforcement officer relating to traffic obstruction, impoundment, abandonment, illegal parking, or other violations of law or towing by other than a licensed service station or garage.
  6. Installation or removal of snow tires, repairs to studs, mounting and dismounting snow chains.
  7. Shoveling snow from around a vehicle.
  8. Vehicle storage charges, cost of parts and installation of products, materials, impoundment, and additional labor relating to towing.
  9. Benefits are not applicable if the need for service arises out of or in connection with an act of God, war, insurrection, riot, etc.
  10. Expenses incurred by you that are not specifically listed in this guide.

Specific State Provisions:
The schedule of benefits, terms and conditions may vary to conform to state laws as they exist from time to time.

Arkansas, Montana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin Residents:
You are eligible for two additional benefits: Theft Service and Trip Routing Service. For theft coverage, CCMC will pay up to a $250 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone stealing your vehicle. A Theft Reward decal will be provided upon request (see below). For trip routing service, CCMC will provide you with a detailed trip routing and map package for your travel needs at no cost to you. To receive these benefits, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Drivers' Assist, P.O. Box 9105, Medford, MA 02155, Attention: Theft and Map Benefit Services. Please identify in your request whether you are seeking theft coverage or maps. Terms and conditions of the theft benefit will be sent to you with the theft decal. For your customized trip routing package, complete and return the trip routing request card. Please allow three to four weeks for delivery.

California Residents:
This brochure, together with the application and membership card, is provided to California residents to indicate membership in the motor club and is not a service contract under California law.

California, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nevada, and Oklahoma Residents
Under state law, if a member has paid actual consideration and the membership is cancelled, the member will receive a pro rata refund, without any deductions.

Maryland Residents:
In Maryland, the program is offered by Cross Country Motor Club, Inc., with a home office at 400 River's Edge Drive, Medford MA 02155 (telephone number 1-844-714-9659). While the company does not have a physical location in the state, service of process may be made upon Cross Country Motor Club, Inc. through its registered agent. Maryland residents are asked to use the above listed toll-free number to contact the company by telephone.

Montana Residents:
Pursuant to MCA 61-12-301(12) and MCA 61-12-309 (the Montana motor club statutes), this brochure constitutes a "service contract" and upon receipt of membership, the member agrees and acknowledges the following: (1) this "service contract" is deemed to have been signed by the member and motor club; and (2) the member and motor club have each received a copy of this fully executed "service contract". Your signature on this "service contract" is deemed to have been received through one or more of the following methods: (i) if you have enrolled by phone, your verbal approval pursuant to MCA 30-18-102(9) (the Montana Electronic Transactions Act) is deemed your electronic signature, or (ii) similarly if you have enrolled through a web or mobile portal, your electronic approval is deemed your electronic signature. If the membership is cancelled and you have paid actual consideration for the motor club membership, you will receive a pro rata refund, without any deductions.

Utah Residents:
Under Utah law, these benefits may only be cancelled by CCMC (a) upon 10 days' written notice for nonpayment of the fees when due, or (b) upon 30 days' written notice in the event of any of the following: (i) a material misrepresentation by you, (ii) a substantial change in the risk assumed reasonably unforeseen by CCMC, or (iii) a substantial breach of your contractual duties, conditions, or warranties. The foregoing notification periods do not apply if the membership has been in effect for less than 60 days when the written notice of cancellation is mailed or delivered.

With respect to reimbursement requests, a failure to provide timely notice or submit evidence of expenses within 30 days will not invalidate your claim if it was not reasonably possible for you to give the notice or file the receipts within 30 days and notice was given or the claim was filed as soon as reasonably possible.

Wisconsin Residents:
Under Wisconsin law, these benefits may be deemed an insurance policy. After the first 60 days and prior to the expiration of the term Cross Country agrees that it will not cancel your benefits except: (a) for failure to pay the membership fee; (b) in the event of material misrepresentation by you; (c) in the event of a substantial change in the risk assumed reasonably unforeseen by Cross Country; or (d) for a breach of duties, conditions, or warranties by you. No cancellation will become effective until at least ten days after the first class mailing or delivery of a written notice to you. You may cancel your membership at any time upon ten (10) days prior notice to CCMC. If you have a monthly membership and are paying in advance, you will be entitled to a refund for the month in which you have not received the membership benefit. For annual memberships, you will be entitled to a refund on the unused portion. KEEP THIS WITH YOUR INSURANCE PAPERS. PROBLEMS WITH YOUR INSURANCE? If you are having problems with your insurance company or agent, do not hesitate to contact the insurance company or agent to resolve your problem. You can also contact the OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONER OF INSURANCE (a state agency which enforces Wisconsin's insurance laws) to file a complaint. You can contact the OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONER OF INSURANCE by writing to:

Office of the Commissioner of Insurance
Complaints Section
P.O. Box 7873
Madison, WI 53707-7873

or you can call 1-800-236-8517 (within Wisconsin) or 608-266-0103 and request a complaint form. Cross Country's address in the state of Wisconsin is 12605 W. North Ave., #247, Brookfield, WI 5005. With respect to reimbursement requests, the submission of your claim for reimbursement should be made as soon as reasonably possible. Failure to give CCMC notice within the 30 days will not invalidate or reduce your claim unless CCMC is prejudiced by the failure to receive such notice. Under state law, CCMC may not cancel the membership due to excessive usage of the program by a member.

Wyoming Residents:
If the member has paid actual consideration and the membership is cancelled, the member will receive a pro rata refund, without any deductions. This plan is on file with the Wyoming Insurance Department effective 5/2021.

Click here to print the ID card below and place in your wallet or glove box in case of roadside emergencies.

Cross Country Motor Club, Inc. 05/21

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